Heated gloves for biking


A couple of weeks ago, I went for a ride on my singlespeed, but I didn’t realise that it was quite cold and so after only an hour, I gave up and came home as hands and feet were like blocs of ice.

Talking to a friend after he said I’ve got a pair of heated gloves and they are just great, so I noted the model and where he bought them from and a week later went out a purchased a pair.

This weekend I decided to give them a go as I’d planned a 100 km ride on the singlespeed even though it was minus 4° outside and with a wind chill factor around the minus 8°, but it was a beautiful sunny day so I said to myself, ‘Lets go’

On my bike and nicely covered. All technical gears, Skins thermal base laser, with a Castelli Windproof top, Gore windproof full length bottoms, and two pairs of socks, Silk base layer and merinos winter socks and so on my hands the gloves

They are fairly thick, but nothing worse than some winter cycling gloves that I already own, you can feel the handlebars and brakes OK. Note that I only ride singlespeed on the road so no gear changes, but I don’t believe that would be a problem.

I switched on the gloves to level one of the three heat levels, and later switched from one to two, and even two to three, Not one moment were my hands cold, I even managed to switch them off for a little while to economise the batteries and I knew I wouldn’t have enough juice for the total ride.

After just over fours hours the batteries died on me, the last half hour or so they weren’t heating as much, but still enough so that my hands weren’t cold, and I arrived home not being cold, even my feet felt Okish, for info, the combination of silk and merinos works quite well, keeping my feet warm even though I still riding with a very old / thin pair of Sidi shoes

Anyway the gloves are good, they can feel a little clammy inside if your run the heat too high, but switching them off, stops that quite nicely, I didn’t close the zippers on the wrists, being too tight, but they are high and keep your wrists protected

The snot guard is too small, the battery you can feel the weight on the underside of your wrist, but apart from that I don’t have any real critics,

A good buy, well worth the 159€

Here’s a link to their web page http://www.racergloves.com/en/bike-gloves/1065-gants_velo__dwr_racer_gant_e_glove_2.html

Racer : E-Gloves 2

Heated gloves from Racer

Cannondale CAAD10 3, road bike

The dark side of me is becoming darker still

I have been riding mountain biking for over 15 years now.

Two years ago in September 2010 I bought a singlespeed road bike to play with https://minty95.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/singlespeed/ then three months later changed it for a another singlepeed https://minty95.wordpress.com/2010/11/20/new-singlespeed/

Since then I have rode over 3950 kilometers on these two singlespeed bikes, (and over 7350km  on my MTBs) but now its time for a change again

This weekend having just sold my Rocky Mountain MTB after four years of loyal service I went out and bought a real road bike, by real I mean with gears.

A brand new Cannondale CAAD10 3, model 2012, Aluminium frame, carbon fork, and with a compact pedalier 50/34 and a cassette 12/25. For the last two years I’ve been used to a pedalier with only 44 teeth and 16 tooth cog at the back.

So this Monday morning as its my rest day from the gym and mountain biking, instead of resting, I jumped on the bike and road to work to try it out .

Its stiff, stiffer than the Pompino, which has a steel frame, the Cannondale is a Alu frame, it flies along the road, far more reactive, it’s just given me the second fasted time ever from home to work, and on my first ride. This is to be expected though as  I have now have gears, so going down hill with the 50/12 is quite a change from the 44/17 (with my legs trying to turn faster than the bike itself) and this second best time without really knowing the bike, or its handling, or even riding to fast. again as I stated its meant to be my weekly rest day from sport.

I have to get used to the changing gears and they are nothing like the XTRs on my mountain bike and so feel quite strange for the moment, tonight should be a little better as of course  I have to ride back home and shall probably do the long way round, adding more kms to my ride and trying to get the feel of the beast.

In October I’m basically going to finish my MTB season, with a week at the Roc d’Azur (Europe’s biggest MTB race) I have two big rides during that week and a couple of days riding in Fréjus just before with friends who are going as well, and then after that things should slow down.

I’m feel that my future rides will be more and more on the Cannondale, especially if autumn and winter is as bad as last year, hence the title dark side of bike riding becoming darker still

I’m still going to keep and use the Pompino singlespeed, its ideal for to and  fro from work, only a round trip of about 38kms, and with the singlespeed there is no maintenance to be done, except for an occasional chain tightening, also singlepeeds are by far the best way of keep your thighs strong as they have to work far more than on a bike with gears.

Update 2016 : SOLD after a couple of years with it I’ve decided to stay with my singlepeed and so sold the Cannondale.