Five years on a singlespeed bike

Pompino singlespeed
Semi retired…
err Re-active… 


I’ve ridden this Pompino singlespeed for a little over 18 months now, I ridden over 2200 kilometres on it. Well over half of my rides, are Sundays rides with friends, them on ‘real’ rode bikes with gears, mostly between 60 and 90 kms outings with an occasionally ride of over 90 kms, in fact even managed this summer a 111km outing, my legs were good that day …

Since the month of October I now have a ‘real’ road bike, which can be seen on my post so the long distance rides on the Pompino will be less, this keeping my mates happy, though not sure why as I’ve always managed to keep up with them distance wise, but not speed wise, on the downhills you just can’t go any faster ….. and some hills can be slow going …

The Pomino I’m keeping, it’s the ideal ride to work and back bike, no maintenance, just a quick wipe on the chain sometimes, and nothing else,  it’s not quite as fast as my Cannondale CAAD10 3 but its fun and keeps my legs in better shape.

Update 2016 : sold the Cannondale, now when on the road its always the singlespeed and the Pompino frame has been sold for the  newer version


So I sold the Cannondale, I don’t really need three bikes (as I ride less and less these days, between the seances of Crossfit, the gym and now a personal coach once a week, I just don’t have the time.

I sold the Pompino to re buy it, the latest version V4, always from also I went from a medium frame the large size, a little better suited to my size being 1.77m

I recuperated all the parts from the old frame except I changed the chain and main drive ring, see

The ride is the same as before though a little more stable as it’s bigger, when I’m riding roads the Pompino is still just great, I mostly ride on my own these days as most of my biking friends have moved on, I’m still riding anything from 50k to 100k rides,

Month of june 2016, a 100k ride, with around 1000m dénilvelé


New front ring, 44tooth

Singlespeed – Pompino 2011

Its time to build a new bike and replace the Langster singlespeed

I have been enjoying the Langster singlespeed for the last eight months or so, either riding to and fro to work or riding the country lanes around the village where I live.

With many rides and a little over 1386  kms on the Specialized Langster, I like the simplicity of this bike, especially as I’m used to my fully equipped MTBs, this is just the opposite, nothing to do except oil the chain from time to time.

In the winter season I ride a little less than usual, I’ll be 54 at the end of 2011, age make me lazy especially  when its wet, cold, windy etc.  so jumping on a singlespeed is a little easier than riding mountain bikes especially as when I get home a quick wash and the bike’s ready again, with a MTB, I have to wash of the mud including myself,  re grease everything, all that takes a little longer.

I’m now starting to build up my next Singlespeed from scratch, it’s what I’ve done on most of my MTBs so it should be easy, except I’m not used to road components, the makes, the models, I’m used to Shimano XTR, XT for example, and these don’t exist on Singlespeed bikes, rather Sugino and such…

I’ve spent and spending  a lot of time on singlespeed forums, certain are really active, such as getting advice and reading up on what to buy.

Frame & forks :
What I don’t like in the Singlespeed world is the frame looks, the anti sloping, track style is just something that is not me, the straight frame is Ok BUT I want a sloping frame, I’ve been around MTBs to long. I’ve found a frame and fork called Pompino, it’s a little on the heavy side but its cheap and quite sexy, strange thing about it that it takes old school cantilever V style brakes.

Bits & pieces :

Wheels : Mavic Open Pro rims with Goldtec track hubs and ACI Alpina spokes, all black, they were built by a wheel builder guy knows what he’s talking about, and his prices are good.

Ahead set : Chris King, as on all my bikes but overly expensive for the SS, so I bought a Cane Creek, it doesn’t seem to bad.
Handlebars : A Rotundo Pro 3T.
Stem : Race Face Deus : same as on all my frames 100mm long
Seat Post : Race Face Next SL : 300mm long, carbon version, again the same on all my bikes
Saddle  : Selle Italia Flite with Ti rails.Brakes : Avid Shorty 4
Brakes levers : Sram, they work with the brakes work nicely.
BB and Cranks : For the moment I’m running the cranks from the Langster
Freewheel : For the moment, the standard one that was on the Langster
Pedals : Time Atac carbon.

The bike weighs in at 9.70 kilos including pedals


It’s finally finished

Update November 2011 : I’ve now done over 1260 kms in less than 8 months with this bike, the first ride was in March 2011, so far so good, I’ve changed nothing, a couple of long rides of over 90km in one go with it, it’s just fine, its fun what you can do with a singlespeed 🙂

I mostly use it for saturday training runs, when its to muddy to get out the MTB or for getting to  work , which is only a 18km ride in each direction.

Update July 2012 : 2012 has been a shitty year for biking, be it on my Pompino or my MTBs, to much rain, see my page but when I can I get out on the Pompino, this morning had my best ride or rather fasted ride ever, home to work which is only 19km, I did it 40mins (rather than 43/45mins as usual), doing an average speed of 29.1km per hour, never have I ridden so fast, this I think is mostly due to the work outs that’s I’ve been doing 4 times a week at the gym, and last Sundays ride, where I rode 95kms at anaverage speed of 25.8 and with a 858m ascent/descent. For the moment my legs are good ….