Getting ’round to writing again ….

I’ve been offline for far too long….

My left eye is screwed up by the laser / lasik operation in October 2014 making it difficult to use a screen as I can’t focus correctly.

But today I’ve some time,  and my eye is playing less than usual, so I thought that I get a post written and up on this blog.

Not that many people read it and when they do, it’s mostly my biking posts that get read, but shit who cares, just writing stuff down makes a nice change for me and makes me feel good.

2015 is a particularly difficult year, business wise, The latest French government thinks that businesses should just pay, pay, and pay again, making life unbearable and extremely difficult, luckily I’ll be retiring in the next three years or so, Phew

End of 2014 I was 57, Over the last couple of years I’ve been taking care of myself more and more, what a shame I didn’t do this earlier in my life

Health wise its a little complicated due mostly to stress, again thanks Mr Hollande and the way he is running this country. and also due to a Cretin that almost killed me with his van while on my push-bike January 2014, the left shoulder is still weaker and less mobile than the right side.

Apart from these problems the rest is pretty good, Diet wise, I still watching what I eat and drink, I’ve changed nothing over the last three years or or have a ‘clean’ life though as I’ve previously stated this doesn’t stop me from enjoying my self, eating wrong foods, too much sometimes and even getting drunk from time to time.

I’m pretty careful what I eat, trying to be good most of the time, I now have a tendency to weight my foods, which I didn’t at first, but when, you are serious about either losing weight, working out or keeping body fat low, you need to. It’s actually quite easy to do though a little time-consuming but very useful, especially when eating foods such as high carb foods, pasta, rice etc , it’s so easy to eat too much., so weighing these foods does help you stay on track,

So now here in May 2015 I weigh in at around 76 kilos , my body fat is around the 10% to 12%, this hasn’t changed much in the last two years,

I still workout  at the gym two times a week (was four), and for the last six months or so have been doing some Crossfit, normally two times a week as well, leaving me Sundays for riding one of my bikes, this leaving me with two days of rest from sport in the week. I also now have a small gym at home in the basement, with a F**king brilliant Hi-Fi that I can wind up, and my wife can only just hear it upstairs, I mostly do boxing in my gym having a punching bag hung there, I love this, its works off my stress and keeps the cardio running…. (well until I drop dead, anyway)

October 2014 after doing the Roc d’Azur I decided to take a break from biking, with the winter period coming and started running as I wanted to train for the Paris marathon in April 2015. So for nearly 5 months did some jogging on top of the Crossfit and gym workouts, I actually hate running and looking at the photos and video of me running this shows that I’m not a natural or good runner, the proof was that I didn’t run as fast I was hoping for doing the marathon in 4h43mins where I was hoping for a 4h15mins time, a pretty poor time.

Anyway I got the medal and and have now hung up my running shoes, phew and have started re training on my bikes again. it’s so much easier, last weekend did a 100km ride on my Pompino singlespeed, far easier than running and its only may 5th workout this year.

Although I have a ‘real’ road bike I must admit I still prefer riding the singlespeed as this really does work the legs, and I love overtaking the roadies (only sometimes) while they are on their nice geared bikes and I leave them behind on my single geared bike and weighing in at over 10.5 kilos 🙂

The last 6 months or so I took some time off from the gym to some Crossfit, I love this as it’s a mix between working out with weights, fitness, cardio etc and so normally do twice a week and still twice a week at the gym

The Crossfit club that I’ve joined is just brilliant a French box off course, the atmosphere is really very good, far better that the gym where I go, the coachs take good care of us, making sure that we do all movements correctly, It more of a family atmosphere that at the gym. We all work together, I’ve made more friends in six months than the last three years at the gym. I’m loving it, maybe because I’m the oldest guy there and am still able to beat some of the youngsters, which is always good morale booster.

Anyway enough gibbering for the moment , time to AFK