I’m finally RETIRED

At last 2018 has arrived and I’m now officially retired, I’ve just turned 60 as I started working when I was 16 I’m allowed to retire at 60 (luckily I’m no longer in England as I would have had to wait another six years)

I’m actually still working two days as a week as a consultant (for a couple of months), as with age comes experience, so the cutoff from forty years of non stop work to nothing is too brutal.

Now have to get used to the fact that I have time on my hands, for the moment it’s not as easy as it sounds, need to organise my days and time.

It’s strange not needing to have to do a séance of crossfit at 6 o’clock after work, now I can do it a 10 in the morning or just after lunch, need time to get used to this, or that I can go biking when I want and not just Saturday or Sunday

For instance today I actually had lunch with my wife, (its Friday) I cannot remember the last time I had time to do that.

This year will be for me more time with my wife and kids, (even if they are grown up) more time for myself, I hopefully will add to my sports, trekking, I’ve just bought all the equipment, shoes, tent, sleeping bag, rucksack etc etc. got three long treks that I would like to do this year here in France average of 180 / 220 kms. Just need to get my left ankle repaired as I’ve a tendonitis that won’t go away)

Also since the end of last year I’ve added swimming to the list of sports that I do, the Dr and physiotherapists have been nagging me for yonks about doing certain sports less ‘brutal’ than the crossfit… so often Sundays I’m at the pool, only do between 1 & 2 kms and only breast stroke as I can’t get the breathing right for the crawl yet.

I’m still doing crossfit, though for the moment a little less than last year, basically because of shoulder problems and the damned ankle, I’ve taken out a yearly subscription to a gym club so that I can do ‘normal’ strength workouts (bodybuilding, sounds good doesn’t it) doing standard strength movements to keep my self in trim and sparing the ankle and shoulders, also their opening times are larger than the crossfit times

I’ve just signed up for the Roc d’Azur MTB in October this year , it’s down the south of France, I’ve done it at least twenty times, but the last couple of years stopped riding it, so it’s time to do it again, see old friends and grab some sun, Just need to get back on my mountain bike and train

So that’s the news for 2018, and while I’m still fairly fit, I’ll be :

Running trails
Ride mountain bikes
Ride singlespeed on the roads
Working out at gym

I’m glad that I’m retired, I really am 🙂