Me – Moi

Who am I ?

I’m English : A normal bloke, nothing special, left school when I was 16, worked until I was about 25 then moved to France because of a girl

I’ve now been living in France since then, I’m now 63 (2021)

I get muddled talking or writing in English sometimes as I forget how to write or talk in my mother tongue.

I’ve always been active, firstly mountain biking, then road biking and after a singlespeed and a Gravel bike to my collection

2012 became my ‘Gym year’, taking time off biking and spending most days at the gym, keeping fit, losing weight and gaining lean muscle

2015 became my ‘Crossfit year’ this slowly taking over from the gym

2017 : At the 59 mark but still alive and kicking and to be honest pretty fit for my age, even if I say it myself,

2017 : My company after 30 years running closed down in November as we couldn’t compete any longer, a difficult time, the only good news was I was able to to take my retirement at the beginning 2018 as I started work at 16 years old and so was allowed to retire at 60.

2018 A bad year for me, broke my ankle late November 2017 while out trail running and three days later totally lost my hearing in my right ear (now have a Cochlear Implant) and lost all comprehension of spoken words in my left ear with a 60% hearing loss, so 2018 a difficult year…

2019 in March I was kitted out with a Cochlear Implant so I can ‘hear’ again, this is far from perfect, but I can manage to understand people when they are up close and in a not to noisy environnement, my ankle is very slowly getting better, have started running again, but am going to stop as my articulations keep telling me they don’t like running. I have bought a new style of bike, I am now riding Gravel bikes, as well as Mountain bikes and my Singlespeed

In October 2019 went on my first six day trek, as this will become a major pastime for me. This gives me the chance to take of my Cochlear implant and be ‘alone’ in my head, camping or bivouac (wild camping) with a 12 kilos rucksack on my back, who would of thought of it at my age. 2020 managed three long walks, the latest being the Stevenson 275 kms in 11 days

2021 : 63 years old. Ankle though still not perfect it’s better, I’m no longer trail running, basically because my wife is scared that I’ll re-fall or re-break something, so for her peace of mind I’ve only do a little road running, or other sports.

I’ve started Nordic walking, only because it works around 90% (yes you did read correctly, 90%) of your body muscles, so this is good for keeping in shape, but to be hones it’s not for me, to slow……

I’ve stopped doing Crossfit and workouts at the gym because of the Covid-19, being over 60 I’m not taking the risque, I’ll just have to wait until it calms down……

So mostly I bike, run, or workout in my gym downstairs

I’m deaf but not dead and won’t stop

This blog was started in 2010.
Twitter : @KerbOverRoots

Back after a 25 km trail run in the pouring rain

One thought on “Me – Moi

  1. Super !! et bénéfique : vais faire l’acquisition d’un Tuareg 26″ d’occasion et ton blog m’a bien idée pour faire mûrir ce projet !!
    Bien à toi
    Sportivement : Olivier (“Quand on veut…on peut”…mon leitmotiv)


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